About me

My name is Elijah Tarr. I like to program random things, mostly games and utilities. I have way too many projects, but the one I am working on right now is an 8 bit CPU built on breadboards. I plan to make it run a couple games as a demonstration, where I can make an assembler and maybe even my own language to compile.


The technologies I have experience with include:

  • Javascript (NodeJS / React)
  • Elixir (Phoenix)
  • Java (Minecraft Modding)
  • Python
  • C#
  • Unity
  • C++
  • C (Arduino)
  • Ruby (Rails / Jekyll)

I’m currently learning rust by making a fat12 image driver for my custom operating system. You can expect posts explaining more to be out soon. I feel it is better to master a language rather than to learn a lot of languages but not be able to write good code in them. Although, I like to learn new things, so I end up breaking that rule alot. :) Another reason is because if I learn a new language, I’ll have to update this list!

My Resume

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