Where to find my games

Right here! I’ve made many small games in the past. I’ll put my games (and miscellaneous projects) on this page.


My own implementation of classic solitaire in p5js.


My implementation of classic minesweeper. It's configurable!

Game of Life

My implementation of Conway's Game of Life. It's rainbow!

Tone Wave Simulator

A simulation of a sinusoidal tone wave.

Maze Generator

A maze generator I made.

Sort Visualizer

A small sketch I made that visualizes different sorting algorithms in real time.

Double Pendulum

My implementation of a double pendulum with a chaotic strange attractor visualization at the bottom.


My implementation of tetris.

Unicode Generator

A text scrambler.

16 Hour Project Grapher

A 7th grade project where I made a bad desmos clone for only linear functions.


A clone of 2048 by Gabriele Circulli

Web Platformer

A small platformer engine made with javascript classes.

MVCC Spring Contest

A small sketch depicting an environment as an entry for the MVCC Spring Contest.