About Me

I really like to learn new things, and therefore start new projects. You can find my projects on my GitHub account but many of them aren’t finished.


I haven’t attended college yet, but here are some classes I have participated in.

  • Math Academy: I learned AP Calculus BC and am in the process of learning Multivariable Calculus and Linear Algebra. Recently, I also started Differential Equations, Discrete Math, and Abstract Algebra
  • Eurisko: Started in the summer of 2020, I began a machine learning course, where we learn to code our own machine learning models in python (such as linear/logistic/polynomial regressors, decision trees, random forests, KNN classifiers, neural networks, etc.)


Here are some of my personal projects.

Technologies that I’m Comfortable with

  • NodeJS
  • ReactJS
  • Elixir / Phoenix Framework
  • Rust
  • Ruby / Rails Framework
  • Python
  • Arduino
  • Java
  • Unity
  • C# (to an extent)
  • C++ (to an extent)


You can contact me through email at: